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For the keyboards, this can be done with a 3. Piano Roll is proving very popular on YouTube, where there are thousands of piano tutorials using this same format. This means that you can slow down the performance, repeat difficult sections and even ask the app to wait until you find the rights notes before continuing.

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Advanced players will appreciate the ability to load in any standard MIDI file. The ability to listen to Chordana playing one hand, whilst I played the other was very useful and helped me gain an overall insight into the music much more quickly that if I was playing alone. For more information, see http: Warranty Information Contact Us. Blog Electronic Musical Instruments Casio.


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    As the song plays, the app displays the correct keyboard position for both hands in real time in the piano roll window. Users can also play by touching the virtual keyboard, and they go even deeper with the lesson and scoring functions. Casio India Co.

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    Skip to content. Casio celebrates World Music Day with launching something new!

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