Pocket Planes turns you into an airline tycoon and gives you a host of pixelated buttons to click and meaningless tasks to perform: Whereas Tiny Tower handled much of the clicking and restocking onscreen, Pocket Planes relies on multiple menu-like game screens that are poorly designed and take some getting used to.

Pocket Planes

I never exited real life conversations for the glare of pixels and planes. Yet compared to mindlessly flipping through my rows of apps, the pulsating taps that Pocket Planes enticed me with with were still surprisingly satisfying. The gameplay is repetitive, catchy and best in small doses.

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Get App Video. Share Tweet Submit Pin. Free I have a growing suspicion that our obsession with smartphones is a bit more distasteful than we acknowledge. Tags mobile game of the week pocket planes.

Popular iOS game, Pocket Planes, makes its way over to Android

The latter method, however, is slightly cheaper, so we suggest you take that route whenever you can. The planes that you own can also be upgraded, increasing the size of their fuel tanks, improving their maximum distance, and decreasing their weight. Although this is beneficial later on in the game, we would suggest that you don't spend too much time or your hard-earned Bux doing this until you've established a reasonably sized company.

Don't spend your premium currency to speed-up your flights, either, as it's a waste.

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Be patient, wait for the flights to end, and focus on increasing the size of your fleet. Airports are similar in that you only start with a handful. You can purchase additional airports by tapping the small map icon next to this game's menu button, and then tapping on one of the locations that are displayed on the map. Now, when you first begin to expand your airline, you'll be tempted to build airports in faraway locations and glamourous hotspots.

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Instead, snap up the locations that surround the airports you already own, as this will ensure your early planes can make the journey and result in shorter flight times. If any of your planes can simultaneously carry more than one passenger or piece of cargo, always stock them with items that are travelling to a single location. You'll earn a bunch of extra coins, thanks to a tasty 25 per cent bonus, for doing so. For those really intent on maximising profits and want a bit more complication to the gameplay , you can also deliberately drop off cargo and passengers at the wrong airport, creating a 'layover'.

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Other tips It's important that you play Pocket Planes around your current lifestyle. For example, if you can afford to visit the game every five minutes, send your planes on small journeys.

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The more journeys you make, the more money you make, naturally. If, on the other hand, you can't grab your iPhone every time you get a notification, long trips are the way to go.

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There are no penalties for not returning quickly enough after one of your flights touches down on the tarmac, so don't worry about that. Finally, don't send your aircrafts packing and instantly shutdown Pocket Planes. If you watch one of your planes make its journey, you'll be able to collect extra coins and occasionally even Bux , which float past at random intervals.

Fear not, though: