The app has a beautiful design and different themes to choose from.

10 Best Chess Games for iPhone & iPad in 12222: Coolest Chess Games to Play

Also, there are interesting sound effects which make games even more fascinating. A user-friendly interface allows finding all those numerous functions fast and easy. Not only does it provide users with an opportunity to play chess, but also helps to learn how to play it with lots of additional useful features.

Get it now and begin your way to becoming a grand master! Get it on Google Play.


Get it on App Store. Chess with friends is for playing classical chess with friends or just random people. It also has a training mode, in which it is possible to choose your level and compete with the robot. Nevertheless, the main function of this app is playing chess in a real time, so there are different additional features that contribute to a better battles experiences. First and foremost, there is in-app chat that helps to encourage an opponent, give a couple of hints or, on the opposite, boast about your successful moves.

Best Chess Apps for Android and iOS

It is also possible to add friends connecting to a Facebook account. All in all, the app provides all the necessary features for playing chess with friends in a fun and entertaining way.

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One more remarkable detail is the opportunity to play several games at the same time. Download the app and start playing your first chess game right now! This one is considered to be the best chess app for Android. Chess Free is most suitable for local usage — you cannot play online with this app, but it is possible to play with your friend giving a smartphone to one another. If you prefer to stay unplugged once in a while, this app is your best choice.

It has a powerful game engine that is able to bit even the strongest players. You can choose from 12 levels and different modes, such as a number of available hints. Another interesting feature is a special hint, which shows what figure is better to choose for your next move, but not how to move it.

15 best free chess game apps for iOS & Android | Free apps for android, IOS, Windows and Mac

Chess Free provides a great experience of playing chess with AL. Although it is free, there are almost no irritating ads. The design is quite simple. There are 8 chess boards and several chess piece sets to choose from. If you feel that it is better to practice with a computer before getting into a real battle, then download this app and start gaining some experience right now! Analyze This Chess is not for playing chess — it is for analyzing chess games. You can do it through downloading a PGN file of a game into the app. Analyze This is able to show all the best moves on every step of a game.

It has at least two chess engines that can generate the best strategies. Files created in the app can be sent by e-mail or to different kinds of social networks.

The interface is simple in use. A user may choose the color of the chess board and figures. The app is a great tool that helps to increase your playing skills by looking closely at the past games. It will be especially useful for those who play chess professionally, but anyone curious may use it as well to become better at playing chess. The app is free, but there are some ads that can be removed by purchasing paid version. Get it now and start analyzing your mistakes!

Mastersoft Chess is another great app for playing chess. It claims to have an exclusive chess engine which is not available on any other chess app.

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This powerful engine is renowned for being one of the best in the world. The app has a lot of difficulty levels and a training mode. The design is probably the best one among such apps, so playing chess will be even more pleasant. Mastersoft Chess has recently been improved and, as a consequence, the free version has been removed from App Store.

But it is still available on Android, so get it now or buy it now in order to have a good time with one of the most intelligent chess apps in the world! Enough with the helping apps. Here are my picks for the top chess apps available for iPhone users! Are you looking for an incredibly powerful chess engine that you can take with you on the go? You won't be able to do much better than Stockfish, the free, open-source engine that's at the same level as Houdini and Rybka. Not only can't you beat the price, but being able to play, practice and analyze using an incredibly powerful engine without paying a dime is almost too good to be true.

It's worth noting that Stockfish will never be as strong on your phone as it would on a desktop computer, but for If you have an Internet Chess Club account, you'll be happy to know that there are apps available for both the iPhone and iPad that will let you enjoy all the same ICC action when you're away from your computer.

15 best free chess game apps for iOS & Android

Originally released in by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, a German programmer who invented a widely-used chess engine protocol called Universal Chess Interface, Shredder is a legendary chess program with 12 computer chess world champion titles under its belt. You can either let Shredder shred you by cranking the difficulty setting all the way to the max, or you can take it down a few notches and have Shredder behave more like a human chess player. As you play, Shredder keeps track of your performance and offers helpful tips.

If you would like to take your training to the next level, there are over chess puzzles just waiting to be solved. Playing chess can be a fulfilling social experience that allows you to meet like-minded individuals from around the world—you just need to say goodbye to computer opponents and join Chess.

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  • First and foremost, you can play against anyone you happen to find online at any given time. Add them as friends, send them messages, and arrange rematches. Even if someone manages to defeat, you have over 65, chess puzzles and thousands of videos and interactive lessons from top chess players to help you get better and win the next time. There are in-app purchases, which unlock extra features, but the free version of the app offers so many features and so much high-quality content that you can easily get by without them.